My College Strategy Blog website aims to discuss issues that affect student while they are in college, if they are failing in college, or having problems. In order to fit this theme I decided to do some simple videos so students and parents can hear me discuss common issues. The Whiteboard Series is comprised of mini-lectures, ranging five to eight minutes in length (although some are around 10 minutes). They are hosted at the YouTube channel for College Strategy Blog and many more topics are there. The embedded player may hurt the playback quality, so feel free to use the icon at the bottom of it to see the video at YouTube.

Getting Help

Identifying Problems Affecting Student Grades

Discusses why problems can emerge during college even if the student did well during high school. It covers many kinds of problems, why they can happen, as well as why small problems in high school can turn in to big ones during college. Also refers to a self-help tool that students and parents can use to identify issues so intervention can be fast and effective.

General College Issues

Understanding General Education Requirements

Explains an overview of typical general education requirements for colleges in the U.S. so students understand what to look for when checking out specific schools. Discusses content areas such as natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, foreign language, and others.

Understanding Requirements For A College Major

This is a continuation of the general education requirements video, but covers common requirements for a college major. Discusses specific areas like upper- and lower-level classes, core classes, electives within the major, and concentration classes.


Academic Reading For College

Covers academic reading, which allows a student to cover large volumes of reading quickly during college. Gives the specific steps for doing academic reading, estimating how much time to be spent on reading, and more. Part 1 in a series of 3 related videos on academic reading, studying, and test preparation.

Studying In College

Talks about two types of studying for college, how much time should be spent studying each week, the reading between routine studying and test preparation, what to do to remember information better, and more. Part 2 in a series of 3 related videos on academic reading, studying, and test preparation.

Test Preparation

Talks about preparing for college level exams, increasing remembering, the relationship between reading, ongoing studying, and test preparation. Gives methods for test preparation, essay tests, when to start preparing, and more. Part 3 in a series of 3 related videos on academic reading, studying, and test preparation.