Update: End Of Spring Term, 2011

Just wanted to extend congratulations to the students who have worked hard during the 2010-11 school year.  I always take great pleasure in seeing them succeed.  I want to give credit, but preserve confidentiality.  Students, you know who you are!

Congratulations to Bryan for a successful full year back in college, with a 3.0 GPA average, as well as to Jack.  Also congratulations to Mike for a good finish to his junior year at Illinois.  Special kudos to Curran, who went from academic probation to a 2.75 GPA at Maryland.  Good job Curran!  Also special congratulations to Sam, who had a very hectic schedule, but made the Dean’s List at Carnegie-Mellon in the second half of his freshman year.  Good job Sam!

For the high school students I’m helping to get ready for college, I want to congratulate Anna Maria for her hard work during a tough year, as well as Courtney for her willingness to expand her skills.

I also want to thank all of the parents that I’ve worked or corresponded with during this past year, who are too numerous to name, but are in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, D.C., Maryland, Ohio, Florida, Oregon, and California.  Also thanks to the many professional colleagues that have helped out in so many ways, including psychiatrists Dan Monti, Eileen Gorry, and Allan Clark.  Thank you also to the college staff that I’ve worked with, especially Joan House Sharon Manella.  Best wishes also to Paul, Elizabeth, Luke, Zach, Sean, and all the other students I worked with in some way this year.  I’m hoping that everyone will take a break, especially with summer classes beginning (or already started).

Special thanks to the members of the collegestrategyblog.com workgroup, and to Brian Scott in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Also, very special thanks to all the readers here at collegestrategyblog.com.  I’m always glad to hear from you.