Spring Term 2012 Program Update


I want to congratulate all the students that I work with for their progress during this term so far. I especially want to commend the following students for their hard work: Alex in Virginia, Brendan and Danielle in Ohio, Nick and Max in Colorado, Rahul in D.C., Josh in Pittsburgh, Ben in New Jersey, and Anna Maria in Chicago.

A special congratulations for Courtney in Pittsburgh, who put together a 2K walk for the African Rural Schools Foundation, for whom I was her Senior Project Advisor. Also a special note on Cathy Lipson, who earned her master’s degree at Sonoma State in California, with whom I collaborated on her master’s thesis. Cathy has now been accepted to a Ph.D. Program at U.C. Berkley, and we’re working on an article about her thesis findings for College Strategy Blog.


I also want to thank the many parents that I’ve worked with, including Joan in Southern California, Tracie in Southern California, Michele and Mike in New Jersey, Jeanette in Virginia, Amy and Pat in Maryland, Satish and Veena in Georgia, Belinda and Dan in Ohio, Wendy in Ohio, Brian in Pittsburgh, Donna and Matt in Pittsburgh, and Kathy in Chicago.


The colleges that I had students at or otherwise dealt with during the Spring 2012 term include: George Washington, Kenyon, Wittenberg, University of Colorado, University of Denver, University of Virginia, University of Alabama, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie-Mellon, Edinboro, Adelphi, Hofstra, Univerisity of North Carolina at Greensboro, Columbia Chicago, Savvanah College of Art and Design, Kent State, DePaul, Loyola, and Fairleigh-Dickinson.


I want to thank the following for our continued collaborations to help students: Eileen Gorry, M.D., Dan Monti, M.D., Wendy McSparren, L.S.W., the Mary Ann and Carrie at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s ADHD Clinic, Jay Einhorn, Ph.D., in Chicago, and Allan Clark, M.D., in Pittsburgh.

A special thanks to Darshan Shah, Director of Disability Services at Fairleigh-Dickinson College, Florham campus, for all of his help this term.

Also, thanks to Brian Scott in West Palm Beach, Florida, whose encouragement and friendship has helped to develop my work. Brian is now in a M.S.W. program at Florida Atlantic, and I look forward to collaborating with him at deeper levels in the future.

I also want to thank the readers of College Strategy Blog for their interest in my work and the issue of success in higher education.