Spring Program Update

As we head in to the spring, 2011 semester, I’d like to congratulate the students that I’ve worked with this past semester who found great success.

I’d like to congratulate Jack, who began his college career on a rocky note and has now earned a GPA above a 3.25 at a private college and has his sights set now on the University of Pittsburgh.  I’d also like to congratulate Bryan, who didn’t work up to his potential at first in college, but earned a GPA of 3.37 during his first semester back as an international business major, including the study of Japanese.  Finally, I’d also like to congratulate Zach, who earned a 3.0 GPA during his first semester in a traditional four-year college after coming out of a technical school system that didn’t allow him to be the great student he really is.

I’d also like to express my best wishes to all the students and families that I work with for spring semester, including the students I mentioned, and especially for Peter, Elizabeth, Paul, Michael, Anna Maria, and Luke.  I’d also like to thank the colleagues that I’ve worked with during this past semester, including Joan House at Carlow, Sharon Mannella at Carnegie-Mellon, and many others.  I’d also like to thank Rachel Mann for her help with disability issues and the recent interview at College Strategy Blog.

I look forward to working with all of you during the spring 2011 term.