Spring Program Update

I just wanted to take the time to post an program update for the second half of the year and spring term.

During the Fall 2& Spring semesters, I had students at Universities of Washington, Colorado, Alabama, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Vermont, North Texas, Rochester; Marist, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Marymount Virginia, Carnegie Mellon, De Paul, and Florida International. I want to thank all of the staff at each of these colleges as well for being so helpful. Many of these students were failing in college, but reached out for help to have success.

I want to say good job to all of my students, especially to Nick for his continued hard work, Joel for his turn-around efforts that are paying off, Stephanie for her excellent work, and to Conor who is a senior in computer engineering and is looking toward his final semester in a tough program. Special congratulations to Max for three consecutive semesters at a 4.0 in 2013 and also to Caroline for earning a 3.54 GPA for the Fall 2013 term in an extremely rigorous program. Special wishes to Kira, a truly exceptional person, who has made a remarkable change for the better and is finally working up to her potential. All my best for your continued college studies, and good job at acquiring many academic skills needed to succeed.

I have completed the writing portion of a book and am planning some pre-release materials for this website so please check back for this information.

Just a reminder to students that registration for Fall and Summer is upon us, and that registering early helps to assure that students get the classes, days, times, and professors that the student’s want. Also, check deadlines for things like housing contracts, meal plans, and tuition for the coming Fall term.

I want to extend my best wishes to all students and parents I work with, have spoken with, and all of the readers of my blog for their college studies.  For those concerned about their own progress in college, feel free to take the college failure quiz to see how you stack up.


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