College Failure Quiz

Question 1

Most students who do poorly in college do not care about their classes or grades.

  • True
  • False
False: Students who are doing poorly in college usually say that their education is important to them, and that they value the time spent at their school. It bothers them greatly that they are not doing well, and they usually find it very stressful. When a student does poorly it is typically not because they don’t value their classes or higher education.


Question 2

The leading reason why students do poorly in college is because they do not assume responsibility for their own actions.

  • True
  • False
False: There is no one leading reason for college failure, it is most often due to multiple factors. While it may seem that a student isn’t taking responsibility for their actions or classes there is usually a reason for it. For example, even the best high school students can have problems adjusting to the low structure college environment, and what may appear as not assuming responsibility is actually a lack of being self-directed because they never had to learn that in high school.


Question 3

Students who did exceptionally well in high school can wind up doing poorly or even failing in college.

  • True
  • False
True: Many students who earned AP credits, scored well on the SAT, and graduated with a high GPA end up doing poorly in college. These are assumed to be predictors of good college performance, but they often are not because the learning environments are so different. Doing well in high school is never a guarantee of college success.


Question 4

Students who end up doing poorly in college all agree that they are unhappy because they know that they have the potential but for some reason cannot perform up to it.

  • True
  • False
True: Students who do poorly or are failing in college typically have done better academically in the past, and feel bad about themselves because they are not working up to their potential. This can even manifest temporarily as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and in other ways because doing poorly in academics can affect them deeply.


Question 5

The first step for students in turning around bad grades in college is to:

  • Talk with their Professors about current class grades.
  • Accurately identify the problems that led to bad their grades.
  • Understand the last date that a student can withdrawal from classes.

Answer: Accurately identify the problems that led to bad their grades.

College problems cannot be addressed until they are accurately identified, and some students cannot even articulate what the problems are. Only when the problems are identified can a plan of action be developed and an improvement made in the student’s grades.