Test your knowledge by taking our quizzes! There are so many things we think we know about college in the U.S., but very often the reality is different. All of these quizzes are based on real-life experience working with schools of many kinds. See just how much you know.

College Failure Quiz

Why do students fail in college? Do you really know? Many people think that they do, including “experts” who just come up with the wrong reasons. There are many students who are predicted to succeed, or at least not to wind up failing. Test what you know with this quiz.

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For Professionals Quiz

Are you a professional who works with college students? Do you really know the college system? Many professionals helping students actually don’t know all they need to about the services post-secondary schools provide, or how they can vary widely on the ones that they do. Test what you know with this quiz.

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College With A Disability Quiz

Are you going to college and need disability support? Do you know what to expect? Many students and parents are unclear on the system and rules for getting accommodations or supports in college, and the student may end up failing or not getting the help they expected because of mistakes made even before they start classes. Test what you know with this quiz

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