Program Update, Spring Term

I’ve been very busy since the last update, not only with students, but with colleges as well. I have two collaborations that have been ongoing with schools, and have been deeply ingrained in other projects as well.

For this term, I’m happy to say that I have a handful of students who are Seniors, and some are about to graduate. Congratulations to Kenny at Marist, and special kudos to Caroline at Vermont who not only wants to go to graduate school now, she wants to apply to medical school. I have other seniors at George Washington in D.C. as well as schools in Florida. I’m very proud of all of my students, and reaching the end of their undergraduate work is always a big milestone.

I’ve also been involved in a complete re-design of my Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance®. In its current state in the learning section of my site it is a very basic checklist-style format. In order to not only improve its quality, but also to give more refined results, I am having custom software developed for this. I designed this software myself, which was incredibly time consuming over many weeks, but will ensure an accurate result. The end product will have scales, subscales, graphical score displays, and more. What this re-vamp also means is that the learning section will also be re-designed once it is implemented. The software is scheduled to be done in early May of 2016, so following testing by me it should be ready to go at mid-summer of 2016. It’s then when I’ll be making changes at the learning section and at this site.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ve drafted out my next book, which incorporates both student and parent experiences across the two and four-year systems. This will be put in electronic format first for easy accessibility, so please check the resource page for updates.

Finally, I’ve also been consulting with colleges to improve their academic probation and suspension programs, and I may be training advising staff in the near future as well.

Even though I’ve been too busy recently to keep up with articles, I am always listening. Please feel free to use the Contact page to reach me any time.