Program Update, Early Fall

It’s been an incredibly busy last six months for the program that I run, and I’m proud of all the students I’ve worked with. The past spring term and this summer I’ve had students at the Universities of Tennessee, Alabama, California, Ohio State, Towson, and other public colleges. I’ve also had students at private colleges, such as Antioch, Westmont, University of Vermont, and others. Special congratulations to my students who graduated, including Jack at Miami of Ohio, and to Caroline who was accepted in to a post-baccalaureate program as a step to medical school. Also congratulations to Jess, who went from being placed on academic suspension (and in tears when we met) to a 3.85 GPA in one semester. I’m always so proud of my students when they find success. The past two terms I also had two students at Harvard, which should underscore that even the best students can encounter problems in college.

I’ve also been in a “deep dive” this summer with my next two books and a project that will augment my student work perfectly, as well as a pre-college advising program. A unique problem that students have had is that the only pre-college guidance they they can get is from the high school system, not the college system. That approach has been lacking, and not rooted in the realities of college, only the perceptions from high school. The pre-college advising program will be for high school students, and geared toward making good choices, developing the right skills, or otherwise ensuring that they will be successful for college.

I apologize for the delays with blog posts, but always keep in mind that this website is the blog for my program, not the program itself. The school year often gets very busy, sometimes too busy to write, so feel free to use the contact form to check in with me any time.