Fall Program Update

It’s been a busy start to the fall school year, but I wanted to take the time to post an update on my work and the college help program that I run. This year I have collaborations underway with different colleges and departments, and will be incorporating this in to my regular work with students and families.

I want to wish all my students the best, and extend special kudos to some of them who may have failed then found success. Congratulations to Wiley, who is in a tough double major program of math and computer science, and is now considering graduate school. Special congratulations to Caroline, a biology major, who has come a long way with me and plans on applying to medical school. It’s always exciting to me when my students plan to further their education in to post-graduate work.

Some of the schools where I have students this fall include George Washington, the University of Vermont, Antioch of Los Angeles, Auburn, the University of Georgia, Marist, and the honors college of the Florida State system. Majors represented include STEM disciplines like computer science and math, as well as biology, physiology, economics, sociology, finance, and many others.

A special note that my book, Improving Academic Underperformance In College®, is now available on kindle. The kindle reader is free, and works on PC and Mac, so you don’t need a kindle device to access the book. It’s companion Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance® is being used by some colleges and professionals, and it is a standard in my work to help identify student problems quickly.

Best wishes to all of my students, their families, and my readers for this fall and the 2015-16 school year.