Fall Program Update

I want to extend my best wishes to all the students and parents I work with, as well as my readers, for the Fall 2014 term. This semester I am working with students at DePaul, Marist, Florida International, NYU, Texas Tech, and the universities of Vermont, Colorado, Rochester, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh. Special wishes and congratulations to Caroline, who has had three consecutive semesters above a 3.5 GPA and is now looking toward graduate school and study abroad. Very special congratulations to Conor, who is a senior in Computer Engineering and is entering his final semester.

A special project that I have been working on this summer is a learning section for College Strategy Blog. This will be specifically dedicated to providing self-help materials based on my real life work, both with students and colleges. I am hoping it will provide students, parents, and professionals a simple and affordable way to begin to address college problems or outright academic failure. I wanted to start simply but discuss high importance topics that I am asked about all the time, so I am planning a single content section to get started. This initial section will include a one hour long audio mini-course to help students and parents to identify what might have went wrong in college, as well as some in-depth articles on common issues. These articles, ranging from 9 to 17 pages when I wrote them, convey real-life topics that I encounter in my work as well as ones that students and parents commonly ask me about. They cover transferring with a low GPA, opportunities found across colleges to correct bad grades, rules that students to should follow to improve their grades, and situations that I see as procrastination “traps” in which students themselves have said make them more likely to put off work and fall behind. This learning section, called Learning At College Strategy Blog, is 90% complete and should be done well before the end of the fall 2014 term. I will post an announcement when the new learning section is up and running.

I want to thank all of the students, families, and college professionals that I work with, plus the readers of College Strategy Blog.  Best wishes for the 2014-2015 school year.