Fall Program Update

I want to thank the staff at the colleges at which I had students during the summer and fall terms, including the Universities of Michigan, Vermont, Alabama, North Texas, Colorado, and Pittsburgh; also at Carnegie-Mellon, Florida International, Columbia Chicago, DePaul, Fairleigh-Dickinson, and George Washington. I want to say good job to all of my students who have worked hard and to extend a special congratulations to Caroline, who earned an top grades in two difficult and consecutive six week Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 classes this summer. Also, congratulations to Conor who is entering his Senior year in a tough Computer Science program in Pittsburgh.

This past year I’ve been writing less for my blog because, after a number of requests, I’ve been working on a book to help deal with college failure and when bright students work below their potential. This book is based on real-life issues and lessons learned from directly working with such students and takes a multi-factorial approach to understanding and correcting the problems. It will also include some “true stories,” but most importantly, it will offer simple, practical help that will lead to a plan to help students improve. I will write a separate post on the upcoming book for the website.

Just a reminder to students and parents that Spring registration is coming quickly. Some students may need to make appointments with their campus advisors to be able to enroll in classes. Setting these appointments early is important since advisor schedules can fill quickly.

Wishing the best to all my students and their families for the Fall and Spring school year.


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