Early Summer 2012 Program Update

This spring semester, 2012, has been very busy yet I’ve seen many students who were failing college make a turn around, some at a small level, and others at a dramatic one. Just some basic information about the work that I’m currently doing with students, families, and colleges.

The schools I had students at or worked with on various issues included the Universities of Pittsburgh, Virginia, Alabama, Denver, and Colorado. Also, private and smaller colleges I had students at or worked with in some way included Wittenberg, Kenyon, George Washington, Adelphi, Hofstra, Carnegie-Mellon, Fairleigh-Dickinson, Columbia Chicago, Fordham, Loyola Chicago, UNC Greensboro, as well as the Community College of Denver and Holyoke Community College. Many of these students were failing in college, but reached out for help.

I want to say good job to all the students I worked with. Each worked hard and earned credits for many classes. I want to extend special congratulations to Alex, who earned a 3.0 GPA, and Brendan, who earned a 3.23 GPA during the full-time spring semester, both representing strong turn arounds of their performance. I also want to congratulate the high school juniors and seniors in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Ohio, and the D.C. area that I worked with to find and plan for college, and to also say congratulations on graduation.

I want to thank all the parents I worked with during this spring term, in the areas of Pennsylvania, southern California, D.C., Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois, and those who contacted me from many other areas.

Special thanks to Darshan Shah at Fairleigh-Dickinson, Wendy McSparren in Pittsburgh, Dr. Eileen Gorry in Pittsburgh, Dr. Dan Monti in Pittsburgh, and the many other professionals I worked with during this semester. Best wishes for the summer session, and I look forward to a continued collaboration.


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