Q&A With Wendy McSparren, LISC, On Helping Failing College Students

One of the professionals that I routinely collaborate with to help students is Wendy McSparren. Wendy is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in my area, and we complement each other’s work. She will identify and treat the clinical disorders, like depression and anxiety, while I address how they can manifest in the academic realm …

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Identifying College Failure Risk Factors Before College- For Treatment Professionals

This article is intended for treatment professionals and not a general audience. I routinely collaborate with many treatment professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists in my work. I’m the former director of an outpatient psychiatric center, so I understand how educational and clinical services can work together. One of the frequent questions that I’m asked …

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For Professionals: College Disabilities, Transitions, and Other Issues

I’m always surprised to discover who’s visiting my site, and I review the “analytics” really to help me decide on article topics based on what visitors are looking for.  I’ve had blog visits from professionals at various colleges, universities, and state departments of education.  It appears that they’re looking for professional information, such as college …

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