Fall Program Update

It’s been a busy start to the fall school year, but I wanted to take the time to post an update on my work and the college help program that I run. This year I have collaborations underway with different colleges and departments, and will be incorporating this in to my regular work with students …

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Failing College: Reader Q&A

I’ve heard from literally hundreds of parents and students, and over the years I’ve received repeats of similar questions or heard about nearly identical scenarios. I decided to begin a series of articles that melds these similar situations in to a composite “common scenario” so I could give my thoughts on them. This puts these …

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Spring Program Update

I want to congratulate Conor, who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this past semester with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. This was the culmination of our working together for more than two years, and he finally reached his ultimate goal. I also want to congratulate Caroline at the University of Vermont, for a …

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