Spring Program Update

I want to congratulate Conor, who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this past semester with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. This was the culmination of our working together for more than two years, and he finally reached his ultimate goal. I also want to congratulate Caroline at the University of Vermont, for a …

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Fall Program Update

I want to extend my best wishes to all the students and parents I work with, as well as my readers, for the Fall 2014 term. This semester I am working with students at DePaul, Marist, Florida International, NYU, Texas Tech, and the universities of Vermont, Colorado, Rochester, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh. Special wishes and …

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5 Critical Skills For College Academics

Many students and parents become convinced during high school that the ability to do math calculations, write papers, and learn terminology for classes like biology, chemistry, or history will lead them to do well in college. While content-based knowledge is important, it overshadows other equally important skills for college. Process-related skills will help students to …

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