About Us

Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., has spent since 2001 cultivating his credentials and expertise in order to effectively help students. He is a national-level Higher Education Consultant and college Advisor, and helps students with a variety of issues to ensure their success. He holds an M.A. in clinical psychology, and is the former Director of a large program that implemented educational and supportive interventions for several hundred students each year. Jeff has an expert knowledge of how anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and other conditions can affect a students ability to perform well in the college environment. His formal training also helps him to understand more global academic issues like problem solving, intelligence, learning strategies, motivation, and many other factors that can come in to play for doing well in college. Our work provides individualized services to the student, and depending on their needs, may include organizational strategies, academic coaching, teaching learning skills, college Advising, or helping students to get restarted after failing or to transfer with a low GPA.

College Strategy Blog is the website for his real-life college success program that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has helped students across the U.S. and in other countries. The approach used is an integrated, comprehensive model based on research in higher education, professional knowledge of proven practices in helping students, and the expertise that comes from working nearly two decades with bright students who should have been successful in college but had problems. Our students have included young men, young women, international students, students with a disability, as well as those who wanted to get re-started after an time of being unsuccessful in college.

Jeff is also a fully qualified college academic Advisor, and is a specialist in helping students to transfer or find a new college if they have had problems. Jeff is a member of the National Association of College Advisors (NACADA), just like his colleagues at four-year schools, and can give input on class choices, picking majors or programs, as well as other topics college Advisors routinely address.

He also participates in the following specialty workgroups at as part of his Advising activities:

  • High School To College Advising Workgroup: Students who wish to attend college are at the mercy of what the high school system says about college, when they should be asking the college system directly to avoid getting erroneous information. Jeff is knowledgeable about the realities of college attendance, including general education requirements, foreign language requirements, and courses needed for various majors. He also knows about success factors, like where students graduate at higher or lower rates, majors that will be needed in emerging job markets, and other key areas that are valuable during the transition from high school to college.
  • Academic Coaching Workgroup: For students who are actively attending classes, Jeff is knowledgeable about expert-level approaches and techniques for academic coaching to help students to perform at their best. In many cases a student may have core skills that they build during high school, but their old way of implementing these does not earn them the grades that they want once in college. Jeff can provide expert recommendations, methodology, and direct work with students who want to improve their grades during college.
  • Advising Gifted And High Potential Students Workgroup: Jeff has worked with students who were not only classified as gifted, but may have had measured intelligence over 130. While these students can be naturally bright, they may lack applied skills, professional input when picking majors, or direct help when transferring colleges. Jeff has also worked with students who have earned 30 or more AP credits during high school, and a large percentage of his work has been with gifted or high potential students.

Jeff is also a member of the CRSDE, an organization that researches and studies best practices in student retention and helping college students to stay on their pathway to graduation. He participates in research, national conferences, and other activities that aim to help students to be successful and reach the milestone of college graduation.

To learn more about how we help students, please visit our program page, or use the contact form to reach Jeff if you have questions. Thank you.