Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A.

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Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., is a national-level higher education consultant who specializes in what happens when bright students work below their potential or even fail in college. He began working with students and families in 1997, and in 2005 founded a full-time program in which he works directly with students to help them succeed in college. Since then he has had students across the U.S. and even internationally, and has helped many students graduate from colleges like George Washington, the University of Vermont, Marist, Texas Tech, Florida International, MIT, the University of Virginia, and many others. With the U.S. now 19th of 30 developed nations in producing college graduates, and only 34% of students on average finishing a bachelor’s degree in four-years, helping students to be successful or to overcome college failure has never been more important.

Jeff uses an integrated model that synthesizes elements and methods such as transfer advising, college planning, academic coaching, and other areas to offer a full-service program to his students. If a student has done poorly or has failed in their classes, Jeff helps them to make improvements in grades by teaching them how to succeed in the higher education classroom. For students who realize that their school is not conducive to their success, Jeff helps them to search for prospective transfer colleges then helps them to apply while working on their current courses to maximize their GPA. If a student decides to use a two-year college to earn credits while they search for a four-year school, Jeff can also act as their interim academic advisor to ensure that they are fulfilling many common general education requirements and pre-requisite courses that can be applied to graduation later.

Many students attend college with some kind of a disability, and Jeff has a professional-level knowledge of these issues and how they can affect a student’s school efforts. Attentional issues, anxiety, depression, and learning problems can be present in many students who attend college. Jeff holds a B.S. in psychology and an M.A. in clinical psychology, and is the former Director of a large program that helped young adults in Pennsylvania. He understands the many issues that students can face, and especially how they can affect their classroom performance. While he does not treat these conditions, he can help students with requesting academic accommodations and provides organizational, study, time management, and other strategies to help students succeed. Jeff’s formal training also helps him to understand more global academic issues like problem solving, learning, memory, motivation, and many other factors that can come in to play for doing well in college. Perhaps Jeff’s greatest qualification is that he also has direct experience applying effective learning methods and principles himself, having graduated magna cum laude as an undergraduate and earning a perfect 4.0 in a very rigorous graduate program. So Jeff knows both professionally and personally what it takes to be a successful in the college arena.

Jeff is also the author of Improving Academic Underperformance In College® (2015) as well as the 2017 case studies book True Stories Of College Failure To Success that is based on what real-life students and parents have experienced with college. Jeff has also developed a college problems identification tool that is based on his direct work with real-life students and the common problems they have faced. This tool, the Applied Learning Skills InventoryTM, is available in the learning section of his College Strategy Blog. Jeff is also the author of more than three dozen articles, as well as several guides, two of which are available in the learning section.

For the specific services that Jeff offers, please visit the program page for more information. To contact him, please visit the contact page. While Jeff is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he has helped clients across the U.S.

In the last year, Jeff has personally worked with students at the following colleges in terms of direct help, planning, application, or transition:

University of Vermont

Notre Dame University

Skidmore College

Florida International


University of Georgia

University of Arizona

Northwestern University

Virginia Tech

DePaul University

Auburn University

Tauro College

University of Washington

University Of California

Washington College (St. Louis)

New College of Florida

University of Pittsburgh

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wittenberg College

University of Colorado

Rochester Institute of Technology

Kenyon College

University of Alabama

Alderson Broaddus University

LaRoche College

Penn State University

Duquesne University

Fordham University

Loyola College

Columbia University

University of North Carolina

UNC Greensboro

Valdosta University

Grove City College

University Of Oregon

Idaho State College

Antioch College of

Los Angeles

Texas Tech University

Texas A&M University

University of Houston

Sienna College

St. Thomas College

Duchess C.C. of New York

Loyola Marymount

Columbia Chicago College

University Of Virginia

University of Maryland

New York University

University of Kentucky

Marymount New York

St. Andrews, Scotland

Farleigh Dickinson College

Sacred Heart College

Edinboro University of PA

Holyoke C.C., Massachusetts

Lehigh College

St. Vincent’s College

Dickinson College

Seton Hill College

George Washington University (D.C.)

Carnegie-Mellon University

Bryn Mawr College

Chatham University

Allegheny College

Adelphi University

Hofstra University

Franklin & Marshall College

University of Denver

Colorado College

St. John’s College

Drew University

Monmouth University

University of Illinois