Student Workgroup Formed For

One of the great pleasures that I have is when I can pass along skills to others, especially to some of the students that I’ve worked with who are now ready to learn more advanced skills.  With the internet pervading our modern lives, having important internet-based skills is essential to career success.

I’ve invited some students to participate in a workgroup to further develop  They will be giving me critical feedback on issues like article topics, categories, and the vision for the blog.  They will also be learning about blogging and analytical software, as well as learning how to collaborate with others at a distance.  With the world becoming an ever smaller place, it’s important to be able to bring one’s skills to those who need them in a global workplace.  I’m hoping that participation in the workgroup will be a valuable learning experience for the students, and for me.

While others may join us later, I want to welcome the first and original members of the workgroup:

Jack Mathews

Jack is currently entering his junior year of college, and is at Carlow in Pittsburgh.  He recently applied to the University of Pittsburgh, and his acceptance in to the Humanities program at Pitt is expected for summer or fall term of 2011.

Bryan Zlatos

Bryan is entering his junior year at Wittenberg in Springfield, Ohio, and has a double major in International Business and East Asian Studies.  He will be studying in Hong Kong, China, this summer and expects to spend the next school year in Japan.

Brian Scott

Brian Scott is a graduate student at Florida Atlantic in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Thiel College in Pennsylvania, and is currently pursing a Master’s degree in counseling, with plans to complete a Ph.D. in psychology.

The workgroup has already begun to collaborate, and will be focusing on ways to improve for its readers.  Many of the group members will be contributing articles, and I look forward to posting the excellent work that I know each can provide.

Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., is a national level Higher Education Consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s worked with students and parents across the U.S. about college issues since 2001, and is a member of CSRDE that focuses on best practices in helping students. He is also a member of NACADA, the national college advising association in the U.S. Please see the program page for services Jeff offers.