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Do Skills Beat College Degrees?

A recent Heartland Monitor survey, reported on in the Atlantic, survey asked Americans what they felt were the most important qualities needed to succeed in the modern workplace. The article’s title suggested that many respondents felt that college was no longer necessary, and that a college degree was obsolete for success at getting a good […]

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Program Update, Spring 2016

I’ve been very busy since the last update, not only with students, but with colleges as well. I have two collaborations that have been ongoing with schools, and have been deeply ingrained in other projects as well. For this term, I’m happy to say that I have a handful of students who are Seniors, and […]

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“Lack Of Resilience” In College Students Includes Academics

An interesting article, if not an ominous one, appeared in Psychology Today that discussed the troubling lack of resilience in modern college students. They defined this lack of “resilience” as an inability to deal with the problems of everyday life, including having emotional crises over simple things like roommate conflicts or getting a “B” grade. […]

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